Marketing Digital Designer

Merging design, technology and storytelling to create effective and eye-catching, emails, and digital marketing content. Providing all aspects from concept & graphic design—to development.

digital design and marketing

Social Media and Digital Marketing Campaigns
I approach these by combining my knowledge of UX and marketing strategies to develop a story to help the viewer along the customer journey. The style guides I develop, choice of typography and color, use of texture and images—all tie together to convey a feeling and emotion that will invoke a response from the customer. What really inspires me is getting feedback and results to build from those insights to improve on designs and continue to build better campaigns.

It’s exciting to see the increase on ROI when you implement data driven design.

email design & dev

Building Emails That Engage
I design and develop with the brand story in mind. By planning a theme that will tie each of the sections together for cohesiveness, I sketch wireframes and then move to high fidelity in XD or Figma. Keeping the theme and message of the campaign in mind, I design logos, custom illustrations, and animations as needed. With hundreds of emails under my belt, I usually develop the responsive email templates using HTML/CSS modulated templates and then, test in various email clients and optimize before deployment.

My goal is to design and develop accessible html emails, and utilize marketing insights to drive consumer behavior and create memorable experiences through strategic design.


Graphics Tell a Story
Check out a few of the logos that I’ve created for email and marketing projects. Each conveys messaging through type, color, shape and texture. I utilize brainstorming methods from UX to create unique graphics and exploring solutions to best express the messaging of the brands.

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